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Best Cheap Laptops - Buying Guide

Nowadays laptops become multifunctional computer replacements. The higher the specification, the more expensive the price of a laptop. Whether for a new or used option, there are a number of laptop buying tips that might help you.
In addition to viewing brands or brands, some crucial considerations when choosing a laptop, among others, screen size, features, speed, processor, up to memory capacity. Quality engine and durable batteries, complete multimedia, and affordable price, a target.
Here are six tips to buy a laptop with the principle of price efficiency and functional value of the goods.
Determine the Reasons to Buy a Laptop The important way in choosing a laptop is to adjust your own needs. For example if just use it for typing, browsing, Watch movies and listen to music, no need to think about expensive laptops with large capacity. Unless your work demands creativity of design and other multimedia work.
In addition, note also the size of the laptop to meet your needs. Choose a light size between 11 '' to 13 '' if your mobility is solid. Meanwhile, if you need a laptop for video and photo editing and text editing, choose size 15 ''. And if you are a creative worker who often deals with design activities, just choose a laptop size 17 ''.
2. Survey Information Before Buying
Maybe you are not familiar with the matter of computer devices. In order to get cheap goods but have good quality, you should invite an experienced friend. Complete information will be very important in making decisions. Do not forget to survey multiple stores to compare prices and specifications.
3. Choosing Brand or Brand Quality
Tips on buying laptop2
Many nice laptop options are on the market and sometimes this is a hard choice. Laptop output of the famous manufacturer is more expensive, but the quality was guaranteed durable. In addition, if there is a problem it will not be difficult to find the place of his service. These brand considerations apply not only to new laptops but also to second ones.
4. Determine Specifications and Functions of Laptops
Currently most laptops are sold with Windows operating system packages. There are some also cheaper but still "vacant" without the operating system and software. Therefore, make sure the computer system is complete. Avoid buying a blank laptop if you do not want to bother filling software in it.
For that, try to predict what kind of laptop specifications you want. First, Processor is the most important brain of this device. The higher the frequency, the faster the performance. Second, choose memory with high RAM to transfer data faster. Likewise look at hard disk and VGA laptop. Third, find out what battery capacity is like how long the laptop can survive.
5. Watch Warranty Damage
Guarantee is an important factor when we buy an electronic device such as mobile phones and laptops. Careful in looking at the terms of the warranty so that later if the laptop is damaged, you are not too confused determine its claims.
With a good warranty then you will avoid excess losses. So make sure also the location of buying a laptop as well as easy access services to avoid fraud.
6. Once Again, Make Sure Laptop Eligibility!
When you want to buy a new laptop or second, do not forget to check the market price of the laptop type. So when you trade you can get the best price. Do not forget to also check the physical form of the laptop and its accessories starting from the casing, monitor, keyboard, to make sure everything is in good condition and no defects.
Hopefully tips on buying a laptop can be useful!


Minggu, 07 Mei 2017

Miryam Not Allowed Investigators Attend Pretrial Granting False Notes

Mita Mulia, the legal counsel of the alleged false witness in the case of e-KTP corruption Miryam S Haryani admitted that he has not received permission from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigator to present his client in pretrial hearing at South Jakarta District Court, Jalan Ampera Raya, Monday (08/05/2017).
Mita Mulia and other attorney team claimed to have tried to present Miryam until last week.
"Last we tried to meet on Saturday (6/5/2017) yesterday, even we can not meet because the permission of the investigator has not come out, but we have made a letter of authorization and give it to the South Jakarta District Court on May 1, 2017, Noble.
Miryam through her legal counsel filed a pretrial lawsuit for granting him a status of suspect by the KPK as a false account of the case of E-KTP.
KPK threatened Miryam with Article 22 jo Article 35 Corruption Act (Tipikor) Number 31 Year 1999.
Mita Mulia explained that his party sees the existence of irregularities because the supposition of the suspect should be judged as stated in Article 174 of the Criminal Procedure Code (KUHAP).
"Article 22 in conjunction with Article 35 of the Corruption Law does have a lex specialist but the procedure problem must be returned to the Criminal Procedure Code, so we are here to file a pre-trial lawsuit for the decision," he explained.
Initial hearing of a pretrial lawsuit filing a false statement is scheduled to take place today, Monday (8/5/2017) at the South Jakarta District Court at 10.00 am.
But until 12:00 pm, pre-trial hearing has not started yet.


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How To not Scamed When Shopping Online

If you shop in large quantities ask the Online Shop to insure delivery via Tiki / JNE. You may be asked for additional charges for the security of your shipment. And make sure you get a No.Resi / No.kirimiman from a shipping agency you trust. With the Delivery Delivery No., you can find out where your stuff is. Check all costs along with details details, such as the price of the item, plus the cost of the wrap plus postage, etc. up out the total price. Calculate carefully, and make sure the numbers are correct. Save proof of transaction.
Be careful when making transactions with the computer that you use, especially when you use someone else's computer like a computer cafe. Try not to provide financial information such as bank info acc, Paypai account and other information. Remember, today many programs that can detect (record) type people through the keyboard they use. This really allows your important data to be stolen and misused. We recommend using your own computer and laptop. Also complete your computer with antivirus. Do not forget to log out and delete cookies and browsers after your work is done, because after all this is safer.

Make sure when you enter personal data such as passwords or credit card numbers, the online store has SSL (Secure Sockets Layer / encrypted secure) facility, the browser check is prefixed with HTTPS. This is important for the security of your online transactions. See the following picture for more details. Money will be transferred from the shared account manager to the seller. This applies vice versa if there is a problem, for example the goods never arrived, then the money will be returned to the buyer. Make sure when you enter personal data such as passwords or credit card numbers, the online store has SSL (Secure Sockets Layer / encrypted secure) facility, the browser check is prefixed with HTTPS. This is important for the security of your online transactions. See the following picture for more details. Money will be transferred from the shared account manager to the seller. This applies vice versa if there is a problem, for example the goods never arrived, then the money will be returned to the buyer. Make sure when you enter personal data such as passwords or credit card numbers, the online store has SSL (Secure Sockets Layer / encrypted secure) facility, the browser check is prefixed with HTTPS. This is important for the security of your online transactions. See the following picture for more details. The browser check starts with HTTPS. This is important for the security of your online transactions. See the following picture for more details. The browser check starts with HTTPS. This is important for the security of your online transactions. See the following picture for more details.
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Best Face Wash For Acne - How to Choose

Here we have shared a few tips to choose the best acne face wash for your skin type.

Experiencing redness of the skin as a result of rosacea results in an uncomfortable feeling on the face. Because the red color is accompanied by inflammation and visible blood vessels around the cheeks, chin, forehead and nose .
To avoid danger of health worsening, patients with rosacea are advised to choose a soap treatment right face.
As quoted from page Stylecraze on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 there are some tips to prevent irritation continues, one of them by using a mild facial cleanser.
One of the most important considerations when choosing a facial cleanser is to look for a product that has a balanced pH level. So it does not make the skin dry and also does not reduce the natural oils that protect the face.
Facial cleanser soap that will definitely be worn every day, should be safe from harmful chemicals. And, also note the type of facial skin when going to use certain products.
Here are some tips to help you choose facial soap that matches skin type:
1. Oily Skin
If you have very oily skin, you should use a mild facial washing soap. And avoid the use of facial scrubs.
Especially when experiencing roasacea , rubbing and cleansing the face with a scrub will even further exacerbate skin irritation. One solution, you can use a facial cleanser that is applied to acne prone skin.
2. Dry Skin
In dry skin type is recommended to clean the face using facial wash that low foam content. It aims to keep skin moisture intact.
Facial soap will tend to make the skin dry, so avoid cleansers formulated in soap form.
3. Combination Skin Combination
of dry and oily skin requires a more difficult treatment in order to maintain the level of balance.
Use a non-soap cleanser, try to choose a specially formulated facial cleanser to keep the skin from the danger of redness or sensitive skin.

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Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Along with the development of Internet technology is so rapid, online shopping trend is also growing in the community, especially in communities with a high level of activity. This trend certainly gives a lot of convenience for us. For example, if previously we had to go to a department store to buy clothes, now we can afford only with "single click" via computer or smartphone. The growing trend of online shopping or online shopping is followed by the emergence of a growing number of online shops, even not a few offline sellers are now expanding their market to the online world.
Shopping online can indeed be used as a solution for our busy and do not have time for shopping directly kw department stores or other places. But if not careful in choosing an online store to shop, online shopping can actually hurt us as consumers. Therefore, it helps you to know in advance some tips on safe online shopping safe and comfortable. Listen below yuk!
Fiforlife Tips for Safe Online Shopping
1. Choose a Reliable Shopping Site
The main thing you should consider before making a transaction online is to ascertain whether buying and selling online site is a site that is safe and reliable. Choose a trusted website and already has credibility in the world of buying and selling online, like Tokopedia . You can search for information related to that site, or ask friends and family who have had dealings with the site.
Online Shopping Fiforlife Verified
Do not forget to read the policies of websites online buying and selling, ranging from warranty items until the policy on refund if the goods are received in a state of disability. Make sure there are no policies that harm you as a buyer, and also make sure your personal data will be protected and not disseminated to other parties. If there is a policy that is harmful, we recommend you discouraged to transact via the website.
2. Do not be tempted with Cheap Price
Inevitably, the low price is the main attraction for us to buy a product. Of course, only natural that an online store provides a cheaper price from online stores. But when the price given does not make sense for the product sold, you should be discouraged to buy the product because the seller may want to commit fraud or selling counterfeit products. To ensure the price of the product you want to buy, you can find out the price range of such products on the market, so you will not be easily fooled by stores that sell these products at bargain prices.
3. Credibility Seller
When visiting an online store, do not rush to make a transaction at the store. Take a look at the credibility of the seller of the store first. You can judge the credibility of the seller with a view testimonials or reviews given by other buyers that previously had been bought from the store. If the review given by the buyer is positive, then you can continue to trade at the store. However, if the review is not good, you better look for another online store that sells products that you want.
4. Read Product Description
Before deciding to buy a product, make sure you read the information or descriptions related to these products first. Do not let the product does not fit with what you want. If there are less obvious, you can contact the seller in question to find out more details about the products you want to buy. As in Tokopedia, you can ask the things associated with the product to the seller in question through discussions feature products or contact the seller directly using Send Message.
Online Shopping Tips Fiforlife
5. Check Back Orders
Before making a payment, check that you've ordered products in accordance with your wishes. Also, make sure that you also have entered the address and phone number correctly. This is to avoid the occurrence of errors during the delivery process.
6. Insure
If you make reservations online, usually the order was not delivered by the seller directly, but rather transmitted through certain delivery services. Therefore, when shopping in large numbers or shop for products classified as an expensive product, you should ask the seller to add insurance in shipping. Most large delivery services such as JNE and Tiki, typically provide insurance option on each delivery. Better you pay more for the insurance costs, which is important orders come in good shape.
7. Keep proof of transaction
To anticipate things that are not desirable, you should keep proof of transactions such as receipt of transfer and the history of the conversation with the seller, until the transaction is actually completed. So if something goes wrong delivery or seller stating you have not made a payment, you can show evidence of the seller.

Before shopping online, do not forget to do the above tips well. Happy shopping!😀

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How to Clean The Face Properly and Naturally ?

How to Clean The Face Properly and Naturally  could be the beginning of a new habit so that your face is kept clean and maintained. For those of you active teens, has a face healthy without acne can certainly help boost your confidence, is not it? Well, so you're not taking care of the face in the wrong way, you need to read the following reviews,  Girls!
Clean your face can not be taken lightly, especially if you have acne problems. By  way of cleansing the face right and proper , you do not just keep them clean but at the same time taking care of your face skin health. Well, how to wash your face right in order to avoid problems such as acne or skin dull? Here's how:
Wash your face at least twice a day.
One of the tips on caring for the face this one you've probably heard, namely washing your face at least twice a day. On the morning before the move and at night before bed. However, because of a long day, often times we just forget ritual cleansing at night. In fact, cleaning your face before bed can make your skin free from acne, you know.
Clean all the rest of the  makeup.
Even if you do not wear  foundation  for activity in the school day, this one obligatory ritual you do before washing the face,  Girls,  powder and moisturizer you use all day, can be deposited on the enlarged pores and cause acne risk.
Well,  how to clean the face of  makeup  correctly  is starting from cleaning  makeup  you use the  face cleanser,  so that your face is completely free from the rest of the moisturizer or powder that clog the pores on the face first. Only later, wash your face with  facial foam  that suits the character of your face skin.
Wash the face with lukewarm water.
When washing your face, a lot of us who use ordinary water tend to be cool to get a fresh sensation. However, it turns out  how to clean the face properly  is to use lukewarm water,  Girls.  This is because warm water can open the pores on the face so it can clean with more leverage. Well, keep in mind is to avoid using water that is too warm because it can make the skin become drier.
Massage the face gently.
When washing the face, facial massage gently with circular movements. This method is useful to remove dust and residual  makeup  with more leverage so that your face is completely clean. Do this for about 30 seconds, then rinse thoroughly. In addition, this technique is also one  way of reducing excess oil  on the face, you know,  Girls.
Avoid rubbing your face with a towel.
When finished, dry your face with a towel and patting not rub. This is because the conditions that have been washed face will feel damp and can be at risk of irritation when rubbed with fiber towels were quite rough. If you must use skin care products from a doctor, should wait until a few minutes before applying it, yes.
How,  Girls?  Now that you know how  how to clean your face properly .  Make this ritual a new habit so that your face is kept clean and maintained without acne, yes. Good luck!

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Model Baju Atasan Kemeja Blus Blazer Jaket Sweater dan Muslim Terbaru

Model Baju Atasan wanita, Kemeja Cewek, Blus Perempuan, Blazer, Jaket, Sweater dan  Pakaian Muslim Terbaru - Batik adalah pakaian tradisional yang sesuai perempuan dari semua kelompok usia, dan yang semakin menangkap kepentingan selebriti. Ada batik desainer luar biasa yang tersedia hari ini yang dirancang secara eksklusif dan dikenakan oleh perempuan di acara-acara khusus dan oleh selebriti pada fungsi penghargaan. Hal ini sangat mudah bagi generasi muda saat ini untuk menggantungkan batik ini, dan mereka terlihat modis di dalamnya. Fitur terbaik dari batik desainer ini adalah bahwa hal itu dapat berpegang pada sifat dasar pisahkan syarat item pakaian. Para desainer dengan keterampilan cerdik mereka dan dengan penggunaan kain trendi membuat batik ini yang luar biasa dan memiliki sentuhan kontemporer. Membeli batik ini dari batik Designer Pemasok adalah kapan saja-kualitas yang lebih baik, dan satu mendapat untuk memilih dari pilihan.

Model Baju Atasan(Kemeja, Blus, Blazer, Jaket, Sweater) Wanita dan Muslim Terbaru

Banyak anak muda ingin memakai batik desainer seperti yang tersedia dalam berbagai warna, yang dikenal untuk memberikan rasa bergaya. Ada banyak desainer artistik dan modis di seluruh dunia yang menggunakan kreativitas mereka dan menempatkan mereka bersama-sama desain untuk fashion batik yang luar biasa. Promosi batik ini terutama dilakukan melalui aktris dalam film Bollywood. batik desainer dirancang oleh amatir yang berkualitas, yang mengatur gaya dalam kerajinan batik luar biasa.
Fitur yang membedakan batik desainer dari jenis lain batik adalah bahwa mereka tak ada bandingannya serta jenis eksklusif batik. batik ini dapat diperoleh dalam tekstur yang berbeda, desain serta pola langka tanpa kesulitan apapun. Mereka adalah batik imajinatif yang menangkap kepentingan perempuan yang mode cerdas. Ini batik dirancang halus bordir sangat hati-hati, dan tersedia di banyak toko fashion online juga. batik ini batik mewah dan biaya mereka sedikit lebih dari batik normal. Para desainer memberikan sentuhan halus untuk batik ini dengan memanfaatkan batu mulia, mutiara serta payet untuk meningkatkan daya tarik ini batik cantik.

Popularitas batik desainer ini telah terutama meningkat karena utilitas dari batik ini dengan Hollywood dan Bollywood aktris, dan ini dapat melemparkan bayangan pada setiap item pakaian lainnya karena kekayaan dan eksklusivitas. Mereka adalah item modis gaya terbaru, yang sangat mengesankan. batik desainer ini dapat dengan mudah dibeli dari pemasok batik desainer dalam berbagai warna komplementer, dan yang ketika dipakai oleh wanita tampil memukau.

Model Baju Atasan Kemeja Blus Blazer Jaket Sweater Wanita dan Muslim Terbaru :