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Model Baju Couple Muslim Terbaru September 2016

Model Baju Couple Muslim Terbaru September 2016-  In general, one of supporting a design and fashion models become more attractive is the fabric or bahannya.Hal is very important because in addition to determining the design of clothes, clothing material is also greatly affect the comfort pemakainya.Terlebih for events such as a party that is essentially identical to things that smell luxurious, elegant and glamour.Untuk it requires the right ingredients to make it like brocade brocade misalnya.Bahan is very suitable to become one of the modern fashion design alternatives for pesta.Mengapa? Because brocade has a decorative nature that will make you look more beautiful fashion. Clothing made from brocade itself can be made with a variety of models both submit their short dresses dresses panjang.Tertarik? Let's look at some of the modern fashion design made from brocade below.

Model Baju Couple Muslim Terbaru September 2016

Brocade Shirt Design Options For Modern Fashion Party

There are several options of modern fashion design made of brocade that you make as a first alternative anda.yang party dress is sleeveless brocade dress model. Brocade party dress this one has a model that tends to be simple but still stylish with a boss who without lengan.Dan to bottom, you have a wide choice of models subordinate or straight as well as pipes. For those of you who have a slender body, brocade sleeveless dress will be an excellent fit with your body. in addition, a party dress is also very suitable for adult women and teenage girls.

Gamis-brocade-with-two-color combinations

Then you also have a large selection of modern fashion design made from brocade with the shoulder terbuka.Desain this dress itself was a short dress with a section boss who has a model open shoulder and wrapped the body with ketat.sedangkan to bottom, this dress has a wide model. Well for those of you who have a slender body and shoulder beautiful, party dresses this one will be very fit your body wrap.

Carhartt Clothing Model Brocade Mother

Furthermore, the party dress with cape models also become one of the modern fashion design made from brocade to anda.gaun party that this one has a special model for combining models short dress with a cape. Cape itself is a complement clothing such as coats with a sleeveless design. Well this combination will make the appearance more beautiful and attractive in addition to protecting the body from bad weather.

Model Baju Couple Muslim Terbaru September 2016

Lastly, there is a large selection of modern fashion design with black brocade. The black color is one of elegant colors that will make the appearance look more fashionable and elegant. Motif vague owned black brocade also gives the impression that more beautiful. For those of you who have light skin, a party dress will make you look more attractive.


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Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin. Most Recommended 2016

Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin - Sensitive skin has a rapid reaction to certain products, chemicals, heat, or even environmental conditions. Caring for sensitive skin can not be arbitrary. If it is less selective, skin care products can actually have a negative impact on sensitive skin. Typically, the skin will look red, pimply, even irritated. This condition makes it uncomfortable and ruin the appearance. Well, here are tips for the sensitive skin!

Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin. Most Recommended 2016

    Extra Caution In Exfoliate Affairs

Blackheads, acne is a problem that a woman can not be avoided because both stem from troubles enlarged pores result of choosing beauty products even care products. Choose products that do not menggandung substance exfoliation. Especially for owners of sensitive skin, choose a gentle exfoliator alternative to exfoliate dead skin.

    Choose the Right Cleanser

Should drop the options in the facial cleanser that does not contain ingredients such as alcohol. Sensitive skin is easy to react to a content quickly. If the beauty products you are using are still menggandung alcohol, try to find other alternatives that may be you can try. Such as lavender or witch hazel ingredients that can cool and shrink pores. Alcohol can trigger excess oil production and its side effects are able to make pores appear larger, and there is the possibility of inflammation.

    Use the Right Water Temperature

When the skin is being irritated, when cleaning your face do not use cold water or warm water because extreme temperatures can irritate the skin quickly. Use normal temperature water. Dolores Krieger, Professor Emerita of Nursing Science at New York University said that it is important to maintain healthy skin by increasing the drinking water. You can look for skincare with enough water content.

    Reduce Make-up Overrated

Have you ever come across someone's face reddish skin? This could be due to the use of more than three kinds of beauty products in the face at a time. In fact, for the owner of sensitive facial skin sometimes can not absorb too much of the content of the three products. Moreover, if the use is not given breaks and combination products used does not come from a range of products. Risk of irritation such as rash was more frequent since the epidermis becomes hard to breathe.

    Know Changes In Skin

As a precaution, with some changes in your face, such as itching, redness and spots like acne is being raised. You must take action quickly if you have the sign face. Get treatment immediately or get advice rather than a dermatologist to analyze your skin sensitive stage.

And for you are still confused to find skin care products for sensitive skin, do not worry! Beauty Journal have a solution.

Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin. Most Recommended 2016 :AVENE Skin Recovery Cream 50ml

Avene Skin Recovery Cream is the cream that works to soothe and restore the skin's natural for sensitive skin or skin that is sensitive due to weather changes, the use of cosmetic or dermatological treatments. The cream is formulated to reduce irritation, helps restore the skin, and provides protection for the long term. Additionally, these products are made from natural ingredients that are safe to use, free of parabens, fragrances, and dyes. The packaging is also made with a new technology that is more hygienic.


Avene Skin Recovery Cream is also suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and does not cause blackheads because of enlarged pores. And this product contains 67% Avene Thermal Spring Water whose function is to relieve and restore skin balance.

How to use :

Smeared on the face irritated, white gel so light and quickly absorbed, leaving no sticky though. Use of Avene Skin Recovery Cream can be done routinely every morning prior to use BB cream or foundation, and at night before bed.

Intrigued by Avene Skin Recovery Cream, do not worry! Avene is already available in Sociolla. See also What's New in Sociolla: Avene Avene for more Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin.  suite can be your choice, good luck!

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Tips to Choose The Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin

Tips to Choose The Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin - We will try to discuss about how to choose a facial bleach products through this article, may be useful yes. When it comes to women's issues, will discuss beauty issues, one of which is the beauty of the face. Women really want to always look beautiful and attractive. Unfortunately, many women experience a lot of problems on the face, one of which is the problem of black spots and wrinkles on the face. We have had many facial bleaching creams sold in the market. However, not all face cream is safe to use. Moreover, in addition to security for Muslim women also pay attention to beauty products are halal.

Tips to Choose The Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin

Currently most sold cosmetic facial bleach-containing materials harmful in the long term can lead to skin cancer. Therefore, the friends should be careful in choosing cosmetics. In addition, the market also sold cosmetics that do not have a halal certificate. As a Muslim intelligent, certainly friends must understand the safe cosmetics and also halal. Cosmetic whitening is safe and also halal cosmetics using ingredients that are not harmful and are not prohibited by the religion.

There are some tips that can be used when choosing safe cosmetics and also halal, these tips include:

Knowing the details whitening cosmetic products to be purchased

Safe whitening cosmetics do not contain hazardous materials such as mercury. Friends had to find out what products are to be purchased, including the materials used in the manufacture of cosmetic facial bleach. Friends can find information related to the product via the internet if the product is a product that has been popular in the community. Never friends bought whitening cosmetic products are not yet known by the public and does not include the manufacture of the packaging material. Whether or not to issue halal cosmetics, halal label is usually included with the packaging.

Product quality

Good quality at a face whitening cosmetic products should be properly addressed. Quality will determine whether or cosmetic use. Never friends are tempted by cosmetic whitening facial at a cheap price. Could be, the quality is not good, it is even possible to contain hazardous materials. Better, friends choose a good quality product even though it has a more expensive price. Cosmetic whitening cosmetic facial quality is made of materials that do not harm the skin on the face.

Understanding the manufacturers of cosmetic products whitening facial

Understanding the manufacturer becomes a very important thing to do. The sales history of the product is a reflection of the success of a cosmetic product, especially facial whitening cosmetics. If after friends to learn and there is a history that is not well on the manufacturer, then do not ever buy friends.

Tips on choosing a facial whitening products or whitening facial cosmetic products safe and lawful must be done to anticipate things that are not desirable. Do not let friends face was damaged by using whitening products that contain hazardous materials and are not kosher.

Learn more about Tips to Choose The Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin 

Cleaning Makeup Brushes - why and How

Cleaning Makeup Brushes - There is always a job less fun when make-up, it is time to clean the brushes! To avoid doing this every time I make up, I opted for the "many brushes" (the lazy option). But even by adopting this solution, we must eventually move to cleaning!

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes


Firstly because we did not make up exclusively with the same color, so it is inevitable to remove the black smoky eye before using the soft pink (if not always win the black on pink ... what fatality!).

Then it's simply a matter of hygiene. Dust, airborne particles, dust mites, dirt, everything can accumulate on our little brushes, we can not see them but they are definitely there!

How to do?

There are many products in perfumery for cleaning brushes (Sephora, Make Up For Ever ...). They are very effective because they deprive bacteria brushes. But I mainly used in finishing otherwise it quickly becomes a financial ruin (it is in crisis, I not telling you anything!).

So my technique is very simple to me:

- I take liquid soap (for washing hands for example), preferably organic not to attack the natural bristle brushes. I put the soap in the palm of my hand and I rub the brush. For foundation brushes you can see how much they need to be cleaned (and in addition, provide less bacteria on the face it suits small acne worries!). I repeat the operation for EACH brush, one by one ...

- As soon as the cleaning water becomes clear it means the brush is clean. At that time, I use the famous product vial for cleaning brushes. This step removes all traces of makeup and dirt.

- For powder or brushes for the eyes, I place the order to brush the hair to give them their shape, as can restyle the hair after washing.

- I put them to dry on a towel, flat.

Well, it's not very difficult to clean makeup brushes ... just long if you have lots of brushes! Your turn to play!

A small additional tip? Feel free to share with us!

Source: 2plusbeauty

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Best Skin Care products for Sensitive and Combination Skin

Best Skin Care products for Sensitive and Combination SKin - To maximize your beauty in need of beauty products that can take care of as well as maximize the view through makeupnya.

And in the field of cosmetics, it turns out not only products released powder, eyeshadow and lipstick alone. Due to the progress of time and technology has helped spawn new products to maximize beauty like perfume, lip liner, mascara, eyeliner, etc. with new innovations and enhance the existing formula.

In this world, there are some leading brands are recognized worldwide for quality care. Here are 10 world best skin care products for any skin type :

Top 1: Loreal Group

Loreal group recognized as the best cosmetic brand with some brand dinaunginya. Ranging from hair care products to the face, Loreal provide the best quality for a woman.

More than 500 products have been manufactured to meet the needs of women.

Top 2: Etude

Korean cosmetics products have suddenly exploded in the market and amaze many a woman's heart in just a very short time. Even longstanding, but the new name of this product soared past few years alone.

Famous product quality trustworthy A variety of cosmetic series began treatments to cosmetics.

Top 3: Revlon

Revlon is recognized as a cosmetic product, especially lipstick in the world. Quality makeupnya provide the best guarantee for the skin. This time, the property of the Revlon skin care products was launched and is expected to grab the attention of many women.

Top 4: Avon

achieve the best position both on direct selling, Avon spread in more than 140 countries worldwide. Provide many products offered from door to door, estimated Avon became friendly products in women.

Top 5: Covergirl

This American brand is also one of the famous in the world. Spend enough on advertising, and took the same class star Tyra Banks and Christie Brinkley, these products include well-known among general consumers as well as artists.

Top 6: Oriflame

Oriflame was first introduced in 1967 by two brothers from Sweden. He then became the best cosmetic sixth in this year in the field of skin care and cosmetics. Known more than 60 countries in the world, he also introduced a program of door-to-door selling as well as a series of charity programs of interest.

Top 7: Urban Decay

Urban Decay is the best cosmetic product numbers are headed in America. Produced since 1996, the product is stunningly broad market in just a very short time. Makeup palette that is produced instantly, leaving many women in the world fell in love.

Top 8: Maybelline New York

Maybelline known many women from various walks of life. With reasonable price and good quality, Maybelline provide many cosmetic products that women need daily.

Top 9: MAC

Was first launched by Frank Toscan and Frank Angelo, cosmetic products have become one of the best brand in 2013. Palette-palette are pretty much believed to decorate a woman's face on various important occasions in their lives.

Top 10: Clinique

Clinique also one of the products are famous worldwide as the best cosmetic brand with allergy tested. Friendly used for sensitive skin, Clinique has wowed many women in different countries.

If you want to provide care and buy the best cosmetic, you can choose one of the best brands at the top

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Cleaning Makeup Brushes The Right Way

It is common knowledge that the equipment make up a field of soft invasion of bacteria and germs. Especially for a makeup brush that you use them directly interact with the product make-up and skin. When you use a brush, most makeup, oil, dirt, and even bacteria trapped in between the hairs of the brush. Especially if you keep these brushes in unhygienic. If you are not diligent in cleaning makeup brushes, all face problems such as acne and bruntusan could soon haunt. Often we find the price of makeup brushes is not exactly cheap, then we must know how to clean it properly so that the brush is not adversely affected.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes The Right Way

And it turns cleaning makeup brushes it very easy to know, Toppers. Luckily, many cleaning products on the market brush very practical use. But the use of which often can only make us so wasteful, right? Besides cleaning makeup brushes, you know there are other alternatives which are much cheaper and equally simple to clean. Let's see how.
DIY Brush Cleaner

Toppers who do not have a special budget to buy a makeup brush cleaning fluid, we can know make your own soaps in particular. All you need to just dish soap and olive oil, mix and use to wash the brushes. Dish soap handy for killing bacteria on the brush. While the function of olive oil here is to restore smoothness bristle brushes are washed with soap. In this way, bristle brush is maintained in good condition. Ingredients for making soap brush Toppers was very cheap right? You do not need to spend a lot of money to buy cleaning makeup brushes on the market.

DIY makeup brush cleaner

Wet the brush with warm water and give DIY brush cleaner or baby shampoo on the brush. Start wipe the brush on the palms until foamy and brush back and forth until the entire rest of the makeup on the brush shed. Do this repeatedly until you are sure the brush is completely clean. Do not soak the brush in soapy water yes, Toppers ... This is because soaking can not remove bacteria and keep him trapped in a makeup brush.

wash makeup brushes
Rinse With Water Flowing

After you wash with soap, rinse the brush under running water. This meant that the germs and bacteria that are left on the brush can participate shed with water. Clean up the whole can be lost and the remaining olive oil no trace. Squeeze the soft bristle brush that is not too wet when dried later.

Avoid drying brush with a hair dryer as it can make the glue to dry brush and brush bristles fall out. Should dry naturally aerated and hung upside down so that the rest of the water drip out. You can also place it on a dry cloth and allow it to dry.

drying makeup brushes

Additional tips from toped ya, for a foundation brush should wash every day after application for liquid cosmetics such as foundation more easily become a hotbed of bacteria and germs. The same is true for eyeliner brush to avoid infection because of its connection with the eye. While better eyeshadow brush washed after use to apply the new eyeshadow colors. Overall, do not forget to wash your makeup brushes once a week yes, Toppers so that the face is not the victim of attacks bacteria and germs

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Top 4 Home Facial Benefit You Should Know

Top 4 Home Facial Benefit You Should Know - Facial care is one face of a person to always face kept clean, health, and beauty. Those who care about the beauty of the skin, will certainly be a regular facials.

Along with the times, facial not only made by women, but also men. Skin problems, like acne sometimes makes some men to do facials until his face is clean and no spots. Dull skin, spots on the face, large pores, and acne is a skin problems most often experienced by men and women.

However, facial debate still happened. Some people argue that it is essential to facial beauty face. While some opposing opinions about the facial. Then, what is the effect of such magnitude facials for the face? Does facial is the best solution on facial acne condition? To find out, you can listen to the advantages and disadvantages of facial following:
1. What are the benefits of facial?

Facial function to make the facial skin clean and moist. Make sure the facial officers using clean equipment, such as towels, gloves, and in particular the equipment used to squeeze the fat or blackheads. In addition, find out also facial procedure is right for your skin type.

2. What is the best solution for facial facial acne?

It depends on the severity of acne. Acne in adults is usually mild and tend to clean themselves. However, if the acne was huge and suddenly emerge, then you need to visit a dermatologist. Mild to moderate acne are usually treated with drugs outside of benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, or other materials. To find out more definitely, before doing facial you can consult with specialists in dermatology.
3. Are there any long-term effect?

Most dermatologists believe that facial does not have long-term effects while improving the skin condition or treat wrinkles. On the other hand, chemical peels can cause severe skin damage if done too often.

Top 4 Home Facial Benefit You Should Know

Once you know what the facial, the following reasons are some people who say that the facial was not well done:

1. It can damage the cells of the skin.

2. Cream or masks used beauty salons contain a lot of chemicals that potentially damage the skin.

3. Facial can damage the natural elasticity of the skin so the skin visibly sagging and wrinkles.

4. After the facial, the skin does appear bright and shining but it is only temporary.

Type of skin a person has of course vary. If no match facials, it will cause a red rash and imprint on the skin. Meanwhile, if a person is suitable to do facial, the skin of his face will be clean and free of acne. Not only pimples, blackheads arising face is not cleaned properly also can be eliminated by using facial.